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Este sitio fué creado solo para uso promocional, los mixes que puedes escuchar son demos del trabajo DJ.

Los enlaces incluídos han sido recolectados de otros sitios públicos de la red Internet para evaluación, por favor apoya a los artistas comprando discos originales.




About Tech House

Combining the driving force of Techno with the soulful swing of House, Tech House is a modern hybrid based on dance music's most beloved forms.

Showcased in late-night clubs around the world, from Los Angeles to Berlin and beyond, Tech House is the global soundtrack to the dance music underground.










This site was created only for promotional purposes, the mixes are demos of the DJ work.

All the links included were extracted from other internet public sites to evaluate music, please support artists buying their music.


Mixes en linea Kiko Claure

Mixes en linea Kiko Claure



Djinc Bolivia


dISEñO x nEOsIgLO 2021